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Mr. Prem Piyasachadesh

English / ไทย


Mr. Prem Piyasachadesh is the founder and the President of Thai-India.com. Being a Thai citizen as well as a believer of the Indian faith, he has managed to embed his lifestyle with true roots of the values and culture of both countries as well as passed on the heritage and principles further. By representing the Thai-Indian community, Mr.Piyasachadesh shines with his diversity that helps the society distinguish him among his peers. With every individual he is introduced to, he not only plants the seeds of love but he nurtures those seeds with his beliefs and support, regardless of their appearances in order to share the same values.

Mr. Piyasachadesh has put in a great deal of effort into creating and maintaining bonds and relationships between Thailand and India that are based on Sincerity, Trust & Love. He has been well accepted by both the Thai and Indian governments as well as the private sectors of each nation, while being given the opportunities to serve them both in various ways.

There are still numerous opportunities that lie within both countries that have yet to be discovered and explored. Therefore, Thai-India.com is created to act as the significant information center, providing business opportunities and beneficial information to help assist and encourage more investments between the two nations. Thai-India.com is also a part of Sincere Investment Consultants Pvt., Ltd. (India) offering professional services to enhance the business between Thai-India and Asean


  • Currently Advisor to sub committee Religious, Art, and Culture 
    Senate of Thailand.
  • Currently President to PEITA
    Promotional Export and Investment
    Trade Association
  • Currently President of 
    Thai-India Business Club
  • Currently Honorary Directo
    SiamChon Newspaper
  • Former Advisor sub committee Religious, Art, Culture and Tourism
    National Legislative Assembly of Thailand
  • Former-President of Thai – India Business Council, Thai Chamber of Commerce (in India)
  • Former-Vice President of Thai – India Business Council, Thai Chamber of Commerce (in Thailand)
  • Ambassador of Peace (AIHRA India)
  • Director of Ethic Propagation, Buddhist Institute For World Peace
  • Special Lecturer of Thammasart University
  • Advisor of Mass Relation Association of Thailand
  • Advisory Board of Police Cadet School
  • Advisor of Thai Police Newspaper
  • Chairman of Moral Lover Club
  • Advisor of Civil Reservist Association
  • Deputy Chairman of We Love Family Club
  • Sub-Committee / Secretary of Network Management Board of 84 Organizations (Family Level)
  • Executive Director of Vegetarian Federation of Thailand
  • President of P & Sons International Co., Ltd.     
  • Former Member of Sub-commitee Field of Ethics and Moral Public relation Group (National Legislative Assembly)
  • Former Treasurer of LIONS CLUB (Wongwianyai Branch)
  • Former Deputy Secretary General of Thai Merchant Association
  • Former Deputy Chairman of Huay Kwang Commune
  • Establisher and Former Director of International School M.I.S.B.
  • Former President of Negotiation, Commerce, Investment & Tourism Association of Thai-Indian Economic and Culture
  • Former Volunteer of Senate for Senate Sub-Committee
  • Former Network Coordination Team Member, Network Assembly     

Mr. Prasert Piyasachadesh

Present Profile

English / ไทย

  • Currently Vice President, PEITA
    Promotional Export and Investment Trade Association
  • Currently Vice President of Thai-India Business Club
  • Currently Assistant to H.E. Korn Dabbaransi,
    Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand
  • Currently Secretary to Thai-India Friendship Association
  • Currently Honorary Deputy Director SiamChon Newspaper
  • Currently Vice President, Moral Lover Club
  • Currently Vice President, P&Sons International Co.,ltd.
  • Currently President, S.C.I.C. (Thailand) Co.,ltd.
  • Former-Director Thai-India Business Council,
    Board of Trade of Thailand
  • Former-Director South Asia, Middle East and Africa,
    Board of Trade of Thailand