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For me, Thailand is my Motherland and India is my fatherland. Today, my father and mother are apart and I seek to unite them with love as before...

Thai people may look like people from other parts of Southeast Asia, but their souls belongs to India because they have heritage the religious from India.


By: Prem Piyasachadesh


Thai-India & Beyond......, we have started with Mission in the form of Business between Thailand and India, to get both countries closer to each other than ever before, through culture, education, religion, leading to sustain trade and investment between both the countries. Our President, Mr. Prem Piyasachadesh has given the efforts and contribution for past many decades through his personal relationship in Government and Private sectors in both the countries. Today Thai-India has reached out to people’s heart and created love, trust and understanding among each other. Yet we need to convert this trust and understanding to achieve more with Trade and Investment because we believe Thais have face toward Asian but the Soul has always been of India.